‘Your presence on the U.N. Human Rights Council is intolerable’ UN Watch to Pakistan’s PM

UN Watch an International organization that monitors the world body, depend human rights and fight dictatorships and double standers tweeted in response of Prime Minister Pakistan tweet which he made 3 days back.

The Watch declared Imran Khan tweet as double standard

The tweet stated that Pakistan’s presence on the U.N Human Rights council is intolerable because of its double standard Pakistan voted against resolutions in the General Assembly that spoke out for human rights victims in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Pakistan refused to support victims of violations in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine) by abstaining on those resolutions. In addition, Pakistan backed human rights abusers through a resolution denying the right to sanction such government

In an other tweet U.N Watch blamed Imran Khan government for signing lettt praising the Chinese Government for its herding of Uighur muslims into camps