World Suicide Prevention Day: Eight lakh people commit suicide per annum around the world

Pukhtun Nama Web News

September 10 is celebrated around the world every year as World Suicide Prevention Day, with the aim of educating people about the dangers of suicide.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are also among the countries where thousands of people commit suicide every year due to domestic violence, poverty and other causes. By one measure, the majority of suicides in Afghanistan are among women.

Murad Khan, the head of the International Organization for the Prevention of Suicide, said in a video message on his website that one person commits suicide in every 40 seconds around the world and 800,000 people commit suicide every year.

Murad Khan says this day gives us all in the world a remarkable opportunity to educate people about suicide prevention and suicide behavior reduction:”Suicide prevention is a global challenge that affects all of us, regardless of geography, and it requires us to work together to reduce the number of people dying from suicide.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says there are a number of problems that lead people to commit suicide, including congenital, psychological, social, cultural and other risk factors that can accompany the experience of loss and trauma. And destroy people’s lives.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that a person who commits suicide not only kills himself but also affects the lives of others around him. such cases Reaches 108 million and every suicide drives 25 others to suicide and many more think of suicide, ”he said.

Murad Khan, head of the International Organization for the Prevention of Suicide, says it is the shared responsibility of governments and relevant agencies, international aid agencies, NGOs, health professionals, patients and families to work together to prevent suicide.

Murad Khan says the increasing isolation of people around the world due to the corona virus has also caused unrest and anxiety, adding that people need to connect with their relatives, friends and colleagues to ensure their mental health.