World Population Day: One in the three Pakistanis lives below the poverty line

P.N Report

On the World Population Day, the attention of the whole world is drawn towards the issues related to growing population.

A report said that the current population of the world is seven billion while sharing the total population, according to worldometere, the present population of Pakistan is 220,955,441 while the estimated number is 220,892,340.

Similarly, Paksitan ranks number five in the list of the countries by population.
On the other hand, one in the three Pakistanis lives below the poverty line. Of these approx. 74% live on less than US$2 a day and 17% live on less than US$1.25 a day.

A number of factors have affected the population of Pakistan and drawn it into the net of immense poverty, including unemployment, less opportunities and also unhealthy life style (ailing society hardly makes efforts to meet its needs).

The section of society suffering from extreme poverty also includes widows and their orphan children.

According to jworldtimes, the number of the widows across the globe is 258.5 million. The report ranked Pakistan 10th on the list of countries with one million or more widows, with an estimated number of more than four million.

According to another report the number of orphan children in Pakistan has reached 4.2 million.