With in two months Kuwait will not be able to pay people’s salary

Pukhtun Nama Web News

The economies of the Arab world are largely dependent on oil sales, they have no special production, and now that the price of oil has dropped dramatically in the world, they too have lost their way.

The Arab state of Kuwait has announced that after two months it will no longer be able to pay people’s salaries.

The country’s economic situation is no longer stable as the value of black gold declines.

The National Bank of Kuwait has announced that the country’s central bank has 6/54 billion US dollars reserves, which will be needed for the current fiscal month at 5.56 billion.

80% of the people of Kuwait work in the public sector and their salaries are paid by the government. Now the government is facing a severe financial crisis. Paying people’s salaries is not a simple matter and has announced that They will be so helpless that they can’t pay employees.

Experts says Kuwait will face a severe financial crisis as its oil exports reach their lowest point and there is no sign of an improvement in oil prices.