Winner of Fakhr-e-Pakhtunkhwa Afsar Afghan hopes social media would be use for spreading peace and love

Interview By Sana Gul

Shangla has been known for bravery which took part in many national armed and unarmed national movements,There are relics of the ancient Greek period at Pirsar, Chakesar and Daut. it is believed that Alexander the Great camped at Pirsar for a few days. Shangla has been known for diversity and There are also relics of the Hindu Shahi in Olandar-Ajmair, Still a small portion of population in Shangla are Hindu community. which are living on their ancestor’s land With peace and harmony.

On the other hand they Shanglaities were the companion of Sartor Faqir who declared a jihad against the occupying British Empire, unsuccessfully in 1895,then successfully in 1897. In late July, he led from 10,000 Pashtun tribesmen in an uprising that culminated in the siege of Malakand, which ended with the British being relieved on August 2

Afsar Afghan is one such individual, who hails from a small village named Lelylownai Mahala Sat Gula Abad Shangla district. The young artist has lived through the worst form of repression in his native land during Mullah Fazalullah’s rule, which is best known for public beatings and thunderous radio sermons — in which the mercurial cleric denounced polio vaccinations, among other topics.

Although the Taliban had been not tolerated with memory card and many videos still surface on social media in which public beatings occurred due to memory sim’s found with them.

Afghan, a youth social media user and host at many radio programs, uses social media so effectively and stated new trends on it, such as Nasafi Mushaira (Suddenly Poetry) . So far, the young artist has on aired more than 200 series of Nasafi and many more programs of citizen journalism.

He had done Masters in Journalism and mass communication from Peshawar University and graduation in Pashto literature. Now working as Radio Presenter in Radio Pakistan

Some time ago he had also honored with Pakhr-e-Peshawar award an endorsement of his talent

In an interview with Pukhtun Nama Afsar said that Social Media can play a vital role in highlighting the issues of pashtun built he also recite his poetry translation:

I had discovered a poor man ,to over come a wealthy one 
and i had got some to beat a landlord

For being Afghan you can silence my voice on mainstream media but i would use facebook to dominate Newspapers

Sana Gul has interviewed Mr.Afsar Afghan

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