Why only military and government officials deserve to buy valuable gifts from the treasury?

An auction of valuable gifts collected in Pakistan’s treasury has been announced.

According to the notification issued by the Cabinet Division, it has been decided to auction 177 valuables in the treasury.

Treasury officials stated that, the prices of these items have been fixed by the FBR and market experts. The buyer who buys the desired item will have to deposit a fixed amount.

According to the terms of the auction, only security and government officials will be able to buy items gifted to Pakistan’s president and prime minister from foreign countries, while no political, social figure or ordinary citizen has the right to buy these items.

Senior journalist Anwar Raza has declared this condition illegal.

Auction Procedures

Toshar Khana Section Officer Nadar Rehman said that the auction of valuables stored in Tosha Khana is being held for the fourth time. This was preceded in 2017 and the rules were changed.

He said that after selecting the items, the bidders will submit the demand by November 23. The price slips submitted by them will be opened on November 25 in front of all the bidders. The higher the price, the more he will be given.

He was asked why no ordinary citizen can buy these antiques apart from security and government officials.

“This is a pre-determined law that has been approved by the cabinet, so it cannot be changed,” he said.
He said that the value of gifts received by the country’s dignitaries during their visits to other countries is determined by the FBR officials and local market experts. These prices cannot be changed.