Why have corona tests been reduced?

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

According to official figures, the number of confirmed cases of corona virus in Pakistan has been declining sharply since the beginning of the third decade of June. For example, on June 19, 6604 new cases of Corona were reported in Pakistan, while on July 13, the number was only 1979.

Is the number of new coronavirus cases really declining or is the decline being artificially shown?
Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has claimed in a recent statement that the reason for the shortfall is that the government is deliberately conducting a small number of corona tests to show that Pakistan is beginning to control the epidemic have done.

The government claims that the reduction in Corona’s new cases is a result of its smart lockdown policy.
However, the government’s own figures show that the number of daily tests for corona virus has dropped sharply in the past 25 days. For example, a total of 31,681 tests were conducted across the country on June 19, compared to 21,020 on July 13.

There could be several reasons for the decrease in the number of tests:
1. Instead of testing the virus nationwide, the government has focused on areas where it is most at risk.
2. The government has stopped testing for travelers coming to Pakistan from abroad who do not have any visible symptoms of the corona virus. Previously, every passenger was being tested.
3- Fewer people are getting infections than before.
4- Fewer people than before are coming to the laboratories for testing.

It is difficult to say which of these causes is more effective and which less so, but the evidence suggests that both individual and collective efforts to detect the corona virus are declining.
Corona virus is usually diagnosed in two ways. One of these is called active testing, in which the administration conducts large-scale tests in a specific area. For this purpose, areas are usually selected from which more coronavirus patients have been exposed. Contact tracing is also included in which the administration traces and tests those who have contact with patients.
The same procedure was followed in the early days of the Corona epidemic in Pakistan, but according to news media reports, it has now come down significantly.

The second method is passive testing. In this, people go to the laboratory or hospital to get their test done. According to media reports, the tests are being done in the hospitals for those people who come to get their check-up done due to the presence of possible symptoms of corona virus.
Similarly, in the early days of the epidemic, when the presence of a corona patient in an area was discovered, the administration would take him to a quarantine center. However, instead of benefiting from this policy, the harm was done and many people hid their illness and Preferred to stay Although this policy has now been abolished and quarantine centers have been closed across the country, it is possible that this has reduced the trend of passive testing.