why do you go out of the house?

By Mahnaz Akhtar

Girls! Start using machine guns and bras! As if someone touches your breasts or hips, it gets a high voltage current and if such products are not available in the market or not available to you, then cut your breasts! Spot the hips! And take care of the private parts too! Because your biggest crime is that you were born in Pakistan, and even if you were born, why didn’t your parents cover you up at home when you were only nine or ten years old in the name of Sharia?

And tell me, why do you go out of the house? It all sounds weird and pointless. Believe me, I also feel bad while writing, but as a woman, I have been in a strange state of anguish since yesterday. Because we have become so frightened that even walking on the road now feels like a beast. Marwa’s charred body was found from Karachi. I remained silent because at least I was tired of mourning these crushed buds.

I will no longer advise girls or their parents to make their daughters aware and empowered or to train them in self-defense. It is of no use now as a female car driver was gang-raped in front of her children on Lahore-Gujjarpura Road yesterday. And just yesterday, cyclist Samar Khan uploaded a video, saying that she was cycling in Islamabad, meanwhile a man on a bike approached and started squeezing her hips. These two women will surely be courageous and powerful. As soon as they took the risk of free movement on the road. But we saw the result. Samar Khan is a brave girl, the attack was unexpected so she could not teach him a lesson even if she wanted to because she was on a bicycle while she was mentally ill on a bike but Samar Khan said that the roads of Pakistan are not safe for women.

Sharing it right now after chasing another desperate animal, another day as we women need attention, what else would we do to make our lives exciting ?? Right?#MeToo ?? Wo to bs Islam se doori ka nateeja hai!!Atleast ruka to kro haath lganay k baad, have sm balls to face that woman you harass!!Jaanwar!!

Posted by Samar Khan on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Samar Khan You were still riding a bicycle dressed in loose clothes. Here, a girl who goes to university, college, office, job or market wearing abaya is not safe. Cool the fire and make your way. Why are you listening to your story when two or four days ago, a six-year-old girl was raped and killed in Karachi, and yesterday a woman in Lahore was brutalized by two savages in front of her children?

CCPO Omar Sheikh has already said that the abused woman needed to travel with the children at night, it was all the woman’s fault. I remember there was a time when people in Karachi used to advise parents that if you want to see your son alive, get education and development, send him abroad. Today I say that if you do not want to see your daughters wandering around like this, send them out of the country.

Who are Samar Khan or all the women as a whole complaining about? From this society, in which the city guard is blaming the abused woman. Who came out of the house out of necessity. With the kids in your car. Then you have committed the sin of eating air on a bicycle. Is Pakistan considered Canada or Germany? “Now what if the hearts of the male children who are drunk like stray dogs at night do not get upset when they see these powerful women!”

Believe it! That I and all the other women and girls are living in a society where a large number of rapists and potential rapists are lying in wait for prey. People ask how to end this barbaric crime. Someone will say that all this is the result of distance from religion, implement Shariah and Shariah system, everything will be fine. Some will say that the reason for all this is the sexual oppression of the society and the lack of reasonable sexual freedom. I say society as a whole should keep an eye on potential rapists, both rape and rapists will be reduced.