Who bought the world’s most expensive mask? Cost US $ 15 Lakhs

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

A Chinese millionaire in the Chinese capital, Shanghai, has asked a company to buy a mask worth US $ 15 Lakhs.

The mask has 3,000 and 607 kinds of threads while 99 types of filters had used, making it one of the most expensive masks.

According to some Chinese media reports, a Chinese businessman bought an expensive mask from an Israeli silver company to protect himself from the Corona (Covid-19). The mask will be made of 15 carats of gold.

A spokesman for the Israeli company in Jerusalem, China, confirmed to the media that the mask is made up of 3,607 types of wires, with 99 types of filters, one of the best and most effective Mask to prevent the corona.
Mr Sharon said the fixed price of the mask was 1.5 million US $. Which is definitely the most expensive mask in the world.

The US-based Chinese businessman has also offered three conditions to the gold mask company.

First of all, this mask has to be made in line with American culture.

The second condition is that it should be ready and completed by December 31.

And third, the mask will be the most expensive in the world.

According to Ishaq Levi, the designer of the gold company, they have hired 25 skilled workers working in several shifts to make the mask. To be ready by December 31.

The global market for masks has warmed up since the spread of the corona; from China to the rest of the world, and spread rapidly. The virus has infected millions of people around the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Corona not only killed hundreds of thousands of people and seriously injured them, but also caused severe economic damage.

But fortunately it is now on the decline in many parts of the world and there are rumors of its disappearance.