Welcome to digital Pakistan: Banned imposed on apps have been linked to the “tender” of communication.

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Atiqa Rehman a Twitter user said sarcastically,”Pakistan has shut down tenders and other immoral and unethical apps used for communication. Tek Tok has warned YouTube about objectionable content. Welcome to Digital Pakistan.”

The decision to close five communication apps between the two couples in Pakistan has been praised by some and criticized by others.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said in a statement on Tuesday that it had shut down apps called “Tender, Tagged, Scout, Grinder and Sea High”.


Reports say the tender administration has said it is in talks with PTA officials.

“The use of these apps is declining in Pakistan but in this community these apps can be used to make a happy couple,” said Shafiq Gagiani, who is familiar with social media apps.

“Some people didn’t know how to use these apps, but after the news broke in the media, people will now look for ways to access these apps and use them more,” he added

Social activist Dr. Nasir Ahmad says, “Closing such apps may be more radical and if people are educated, they can be used effectively.”

There have also been reactions on social media to apps and other closures used for couples.

Twitter user Maria Sartaj says,

“Everyone uses this app, including the left and the right. I’m not in favor of using this app, but I don’t want to be banned because people will look for other ways to connect, like Facebook.

Some social media users have praised the government’s move, which has done a good job.

Pakistani telecommunications officials have said they have a policy of banning apps and are looking into complaints from the public.

The PTA also recently warned YouTube and Tek tok to remove objectionable content from its pages.