Victim Blaming

By Ziaullah Hamdard

In Lahore, an innocent girl named Zainab was raped and murdered and her body was found in a garbage dump. So we start blaming her parents that instead of going for Hajj and Umrah, either they should stay at home or take their children with them. That is, their daughter was raped because they went for Umrah. When a woman is raped in Lahore, we excuse the relevant agencies, police, security forces, and the government for engaging in a debate about checking her clothes, leaving her house alone, or not having a mahram with her. ۔

In tribal agencies, the state created drama of Talibanization by keeping the people under FCR and by maintaining the policy of strategic depth, and at the end state punished the people and destroyed their homes, they bomb them, keep them in IDP camps, humiliate them at check posts but terrorism still does not end, and when people start protesting and make some demands, So without understanding the demands and their condition, we call them terrorists, foreign agents and enemies of the country and thus the people are blamed.

In Balochistan, the government and the state together have deprived the people of their right to their resources for decades, when they start protests, some of them revolt and some join hands with the state to solve the problem, But let us end this debate, including the media and educational institutions, by declaring the Baloch people terrorists, That the state is really behind the situation in Balochistan, On the contrary, we begin to look at the Baloch in the same way that the state tells us to look.

In Charsadda, a drug addict or a lunatic is still out-selling that the so-called villagers of our country and the contractors of religion, without knowing his mental state, issue a fatwa against him, So that we can serve in the court of the Prophet or become famous on social media, If a student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan brutally kills a fellow student with accusations of blasphemy, the whole nation follows the victim instead of investigating the killers. Even when killed by this brutality people argues something must had done by the victim. While none of us try to find out the motive of any student or administrative officer involved in the murder.

Blaming the victims of any tragedy is the collective attitude of our state, society, institutions, intellectuals, clerics, analysts, journalists and all of us, the people. When we have a burglary from someone’s house, we acquit the police of the area who are responsible for the overall law and order in the area and take their salary for this, and start talking to that person. Brother, you should have stayed awake. This is the rule all over the world, that if there is a crime in an area, a strong person harms a weak person, then the responsibility falls on the relevant institution and the government. And the process of punishment continues and so the society continues to develop. Before the election of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he used to give us examples from Europe that if there is a train accident there, relevant minister resigns. Ali Muhammad Khan used to blame Nawaz Sharif by giving the example of Hazrat Umar accepting responsibility for the death of a dog on the banks of the Tigris (Dajla) River. All these duffers used to talk to us about the corruption of Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, but after coming to power, they are following in their footsteps.

Here every political party and every institution has recruited people from clerics to youth and such insane workers are on duty. That these people are behind the trends on social media, if anyone raises a question, they has to prove that he is an infidel, apostate, traitor, enemy of the country and an external agent. If a journalist does his job and objects to the rulers, then they use powers and our resources to put their colleagues behind him and try to prove him a traitor through media house.

In fact, these are the same old attitudes and the same old tactics that are not going to end, that is why in this society every day we see some new crime, some new oppression, some new and more horrible accident, and old one goes under carpet. Some rulers are imposed on us that make the old appear angels, all this is the result of our collective attitudes, These are all products of this system, These are the morals of this outdated society. These are the hypocrisies of our society that we do not allow love but continue to glorify the killers with various tricks and excuses. We use religion, law, and morality as weapons against the victims. You do not have to be an astrologer to predict one accident after another in Pakistan, but if you are familiar with this system and the overall attitudes of this nation, including its outdated thinking and traditions, you can predict the next accident today. As long as we remain confused about understanding this system and determining responsibility after any tragedy, as we are confused about all national issues, our situation is not going to improve. If the CCPO found the woman victim of the Lahore tragedy guilty, then this is not a new thing. if she travels alone on the motorway as a woman, she will be raped.

Author of this article is Journalist/ Media Trainer/ Political Analyst/ Human Rights & Peace Activist/ Poet & Author/ PhD Fellow Communications, Media and Cultural Studies
Southampton, England. you can reach him through and