US election: Biden on edge of victory,State of Nevada the decider

The results of the US presidential election are continuing, with Trump and Joe Biden facing off. So far, however, Democrat Joe Biden is leading with 264 electoral college votes. He needs 270 electoral votes to run for the presidency and be a guest of the White House. The remaining 6 electoral votes they can get from Nevada, where Biden is on lead.

According to US media, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has received 264 electoral votes and Republican candidate US President Trump has received 214 electoral votes so far.

The presidential election has taken a dramatic turn, with Biden winning three of the swing states in the flapping states of Michigan and Wisconsin, while Nevada is leading. On the other hand, Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. Even after the victory in these 4 states, Trump will have 267 electoral votes.

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will go to the Supreme Court, claiming victory in the election before the full results, as well as accusing him of fraud. Trump says the results have stopped coming in. It is not possible for votes to be received and counted after the polls are over, to say the least.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden says the contest will not end until the last vote is counted, and he is on track to win.

He is not announcing his victory, but he is convinced that polls will end with the victory of democrat, which will be win for the whole of America.