Unknown behind targeted killing in Pashtun areas should be identified, Manzoor Pashtun

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Manzoor Pashtun, leader of the Pashtun Salvation Movement (PTM), said targeted killings were taking place in areas from Bajaur to Waziristan and other Pashtun areas, and should be stopped.

He said targeted killings were taking place in Waziristan and that the killings were being carried out by unknown individuals.

In a live video on Facebook, he said there was no place in Waziristan that are hide from the military and security agencies, how could unknown people come in vehicles with tinted windows and carry out targeted killings.

Posted by Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen on Friday, July 10, 2020

Pashtun said targeted killings in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lead to extrajudicial killings, and when people shout, the DC (deputy commissioner) or the colonel goes and pays the family and silences them.

The PTM leader also alleged in his speech that Targeted killings begin in Waziristan as Pine Nut session approaches

On talks with the government, Manzoor Pashtun said they are ready to talk to the government, continued  that their demands should being met, adding that they would raise issues with the government of each Pashtun district.

He said he had no differences with any Pashtun political party.