Twenty civilians wounded while three were killed when military opens fire on the Chaman border

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

Three civilians have been shot dead and dozens were injured by military in the Balochistan border town of Chaman as they tried to cross the border into Afghanistan.

20 people were wounded in the militant attack and taken to Chaman Government Hospital, while three others were killed, including a woman.

Balochistan Interior Minister Mir Zia Lango told an emergency news conference in Quetta on Thursday evening that the protesters had entered a sensitive area near the border and damaged the quarantine center and NADRA office there. :”People have tried to cross the border. Security forces have also opened fire. In the meantime, vandals have tried to provoke people. People have been injured and two or three people have been reported dead.”

The border was supposed to be reopened today on the orders of the central government and hundreds of people were stranded there, but militia forces closed the border today and did not allow anyone to cross.

Militia have not commented on the incident but have reportedly said today that they will not open the border until the fold off sit-in in front of Chaman Boarder.

According to reports, in front of the militia headquarters in Chaman, where the people and political parties of Chaman had started protesting, they called on the militia forces to open the border and meanwhile the civilians came to the border gate saying that the militia forces were attacking them. The shooting started and injured several people.

Dozens of women and children were among those detained at the border, and they may have been killed or wounded by militia forces.

Militia also reportedly fired tear gas to disperse civilians after the shooting.