Transgenders Live Matter

By Waqas Ahmad

A young transgender was murdered by unknown Persons yesterday in Peshawar, kpk. It is not the happening of today, however it is happening from decades. Many transgender are killed just on the basis of gender discrimination.

The transgender community are not feeling safe in our society because of our extremist, courageless and arrogant behaviour. How we will endure transgender ? It is not a society , it is a depiction of sick and conservative mind set. It is a society where beauty and nobility has becomes a crime and shame for a transgender. Actually we humans have forgotten our mortal nature and are considering our self the owners of this land, and we have forgotten the real immortal creator and owner Allah. Not only the land but also the inhabitants on it. We want our own rule and autocracy on this earth, we want people of our own choice. We have put the coin of our dominance over religion, caste, sect and gender. Who is the creator of transgender? Is the Transgender don’t have the right to live? Is the Transgender don’t have any dignity. Transgender have to be humiliated and we are humiliating them again and again. We have become the gods of this land and had denied the Almighty Allah.
The Allah Almighty says: “And we have certainly honoured the descendents of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what we had created with[definite] preference”.

Now the question is that who is from Adam? Only men and women? Isn’t transgender the offspring of Adam? Aren’t these people born from male and female? In our society father is the most despicable because he is the one who give birth to transgender, to avoid this contempt ,a father facing the hatered and inappropriate behaviour, pushes his children into the swamp of beasts. However, the dancing of transgenders , which is mostly criticized, completes the happiness of the nobles of our society. Transgender is also the creature of the same God who created all of us. So instead of looking at this creature of God with contempt, we need to focus on giving them the rights and dignity in the society. The purpose of transgender life should not only to dance in the wedding ceremonies of those who consider themselves the nobel one or to remove people’s dirt.

It is the primary duty of the State to protect basic fundamental rights of transgenders community including right to life and right to dignity which is enshrined in our constitution. Both federal and provincial governments must frame an appropriate legislation for transgender community. Government should build separate educational institutions, hospital and allocate special quota in government jobs. The culprits of Gul Panara must be booked under law and must be given exemplary punishment to refrain this heinous crime in our society.


The writer is student of law at AWKUM.

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