Tik Tok responds to the PTA’s allegation by saying the company is abiding by the law

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

In response to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s alleged immoral content, a spokesman for the Chinese video-sharing company said that complying with the law was one of their top priorities and that maintaining a good and positive internal environment for the application.

A statement from Tik Tok’s spokesperson said that TackTuck has used various technologies and modern strategies to identify and review inappropriate and unethical content and that the content is subject to the rules laid down by Tik Tok. On the contrary, he can not only remove it, but the user of the app will be fined and his account will be closed.

Salman Saeed, an Islamabad-based social media entrepreneur and social media activist, praised Tik Tok’s move, but said it was not clear what kind of content could be removed by the company using a single machine. He added that the government of Pakistan and Tik Tok still need to come up with a comprehensive strategy to ensure that the application is not blocked in the future.

He told : “We need to collaborate to ensure that any Pakistani IPS (Internet Protocol) non-compliant accounts have reinforced firewalls and that their videos contain immoral content or audio. “If it contains immoral words, it will block the click and not allow the video to be uploaded. If it is completely blocked, people who share content will be blocked.”

In a statement to local media, Tik Tok also said that 98 per cent of the videos that had been complained about had been removed from the rest of the world last year.

The statement claimed that between July and December , 2019, the uploading of 3728 162 inappropriate videos by app users in Pakistan was stopped.

Experts say this is not the first time that various Internet applications have been blocked in Pakistan. Human rights and journalists’ rights groups in Pakistan have also accused the government of violating freedom of expression.