South Waziristan: Thousands of Afghan gathered in Wana against target killing and regrouping of terrorist groups

Tens of thousands of Afghans today took part in a large gathering in Wana at the initiative of the Pashtun Salvation Movement.

The meeting was also attended by Manzoor Pashtun, the leader of the Pashtun Salvation Movement, and Ali Wazir, a leading member.

The purpose of the meeting was to prevent the escalation of oppression and violence against Pashtuns by the Pakistan Army in Pashtun areas and to demand justice for other martyred Pashtuns like Arman Loni, Arif Wazir in recent years and forcible disappearance by the army. Tens of thousands of people have been shown finding and enforcing justice.

The Pashtun Salvation Movement has made significant progress in Pashtunkhwa, Afghanistan and around the world over the past two and a half years. Its organizational activities have expanded and the military has been forced to reduce violence against Pashtuns. The leader said the movement’s struggle would continue until peace and stability prevailed for all Afghans

Video reports from today’s meeting have been delayed due to lack of internet in the area.