There has always been oppression in the name of dialogue but still ready for talks: PTM

The Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM), an organization of Pashtun youth in Khyber-pakhtunkhwa and Southern Pakhtun built, has agreed to hold formal talks with the government.

Jamal Safi

PTM chief Manzoor Pashtun has said that people are wiped out in our blasts but they are killed ones and Osama bin Laden is called a martyr.

During a news conference in Islamabad on Friday, PTM chief Manzoor Pashtun said that the war in the name of terrorism that had started in the country had killed innocent people. According to him, we have no desire other than peace.

He said that PTM came into existence after the extrajudicial killing of Naqibullah Mehsud. But such incidents continue even today in the case of SP Tahir and Arif Wazir.

Manzoor Pashtun continued  that we have no desire other than peace.

‘State and citizen never negotiate’ he added

The PTM chief said that the fact is that there is never any dialogue between the state and the citizen. While we were negotiating with the Senate, the PTM was attacked and 16 of our people were killed. Crackdown was carried out against us and elected members of parliament were also thrown behind the bars

According to Manzoor Pashtun, a few months ago, Pervez Khattak had told the media that we will hold talks with PTM, but on the very next day it was denied and Arif Wazir was killed. He said that targeted killings were still  on its peek in the tribal areas. We are not even being consoled for justice. Whoever oppresses in this state is protected. Whether it is Rao Anwar or Ihsanullah Ihsan.

“We will put all issues before the government in writing,” he added. Negotiations do not mean that if there is oppression in future, we will remain silent.

“Our problem is the Taliban,” PTM National Assembly member Mohsin Dawar told on the occasion.

PTM demands peace.he added

He raised the question of what would be the priority of the state whose martyr is Osama bin Laden and what would have been done in the past? Unless this policy is changed, there can be no peace in the country and no improvement in the economy.

It may be recalled that earlier, Defense Minister Pervez Khattak had invited the PTM leadership for talks and said that the government wants to talk on all outstanding issues.