The supremacy of the army consisting of three districts is not acceptable: Mehmood Khan Achakzai

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai said here on Monday that we will live in such Pakistan where independent and empowered election commission would be formed, have a clean and clear election and all institutions are be subordinate to one elected parliament.

“We will raise slogan against every unjust dictator and ruler”, he added. 

He expressed these views while addressing to District Bar Association (DBA) here on Monday.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai said that we will not accept undemocratic and the rulers imposed by force. He demanded that Pakhtun’s have to share in the country’s internal and foreign policy.

“The supremacy of the army consisting of three districts is not acceptable rather, Pakistan’s army will have to be formed in proportion of the population and representation should be given to Pakhtun’s, Sindhi’s and Baloch in Pakistan Army ”, Mehmood Khan argued.

He added that the intelligence agencies will follow the oath mentioned in the constitution. Mehmood Khan added that the Pakhtun’s have to give a united province on the name of Pakhtunkhwa, Pakhtunistan or Afghania.

He continued that we have to take control of our minerals and other resources and Pashto has to give the status of the education and official language without it, Pakhtoon would not be satisfied in this country.

Mehmood Khan arched that 1973 constitution is contract between the masses and state and according to the constitution the country is a federation and the federation cannot continue until all units are equal.

He added that the genocide of Pashtuns are continued in the country.

District bar association (DBA) president Asif Iqbal advocate, Bahadur Saeed advocate, Ihtisham-ud-Din advocate also addressed at this occasion.

Provincial president of PkMAP, Mukhtiyar Khan Yousafzai, Senator Usman Khan Kakar, Khurshid Kaka Jee, Haji Gohar Khan, Ashraf Hoti advocate, Mohammad Iqbal Hoti advocate, Akbar Hoti advocate and other were also present at this occasion.