The so-called uniform curriculum: Part 1

the slogan of the same curriculum is changed to the slogan of a uniform education system.

Yasir Pirzada

Our desire to mold the free citizens of this country into a single template is very old, but unfortunately there is no template in which we can mold these 220 million human beings into robots. Such templates are for faucet manufacturers. Not for humans.
When it comes to this, the slogan of the same curriculum is changed to the slogan of a uniform education system. Then the question does not remain about the education system but it becomes a question of class distinction.

Compared to government hospitals, government schools and government buses, who wouldn’t want to have a five-star hospital, a grammar school and a private luxury car when needed! These words written on paper are meaningless.Don’t be fooled into believing that children of the whole nation should be taught the same books so that a national mindset develops. Even though nothing happens if we teach our children official textbooks or expensive Oxford textbooks Until we do two things.
One is the Character building of children in school, and the other is the freedom to ask questions and develop critical awareness.

Currently, both of these tasks are not part of our priorities. Parents only see grades in the child’s result card, there is no character building paper anyway and no school makes any classification about it. As for questioning, the way we treat questioners, then there will be a fool who will question while living in this country.
After that, whatever you teach will result in the creation of robots.

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