The Six Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain: Smoking 🚬 the main one

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The spinal cord / bone is the source of strength in the body, the problem in it causes pain all over the body, so it is a warning sign for anyone who suffers from spinal pain or other problems and should be treated immediately.

To do this, one must first identify the causes of the pain, as a person performs certain activities in his or her daily routine that adversely affect his or her spine / bones. These situations are as follows:


Cigarettes are the most harmful thing to health, experts say that smoking destroys the lungs, but new research says that it also weakens the bones and joints and causes pain in them, which also has a very bad effect on the spinal cord. And proves to be the most effective in destroying good health.

Curved neck or head down sitting:

Sitting with the head down causes pressure on the spine, which causes pain in the spine, and gradually the sitting becomes a disease. Surgeons say spinal surgeries in young people are several times more common than in the past, and the reason is that young people use a smart mobile phone or computer to bend the neck towards the boat.

Exercise is essential to prevent these pains, and efforts should be made to keep the spine straight and upright during sitting.

No absorption of vitamin D:

When the level of vitamin D in the human body decreases, back pain occurs. Most of the vitamin D in the body comes from the sun. Some people do not pay attention to the cause of the disease. To do this you must spend a moment in the sun during the day.

Mobile and computer usage:

As mentioned earlier, the use of mobile phones and computers is often bent, with the spine always bent and curved, which can lead to splits and pain in the bones. Doctors say people who lower their necks at a 45-degree angle when using a mobile phone, computer or laptop are more likely to develop the disease.

Extra coffee use-age :

Although on the one hand drinking a certain amount of coffee is beneficial to health, taking too much of it reduces the amount of calcium in the body, which in turn weakens the bones and causes pain.


Carrying a weight bag or other backpack, whether someone holds it in the hands or carrying it on shoulders, puts pressure on the spinal cord, which gradually damages the spinal cord and increases the pain over the passage of time.