The Plight of Young People and Obscenity

By Aizaz Ahmed

“Obscenity has increased so much”.
I have been hearing this sentence, daily, for the past 20 years. Sometimes from relatives, sometimes from their teachers, from friends, or from religious and political leaders, columnists, anchor reps, and intellectuals. This is the favorite phrase of the Maulvis, without which no sermon is complete. Now, I have come to believe in absentia, that society has become completely shameless and only a few people are left unscathed by it. Every era is trying to prove that the real cause of immorality are young boys and girls. We, the young people, are being accused of such things that we think with regret. “I wish we had done this, otherwise Ghalib would have regretted that he would be rewarded for his uncommitted sins”. Even the sins that have not been committed are regretted. Or Lord, if there is a punishment for these sins.

The list of our uncommitted sins is very long. At every wedding, Eid or Shab-e-Barat, the elders present are found praying for the today’s boys and girls who, according to them, have “crossed all the limits of shame and modesty”. And not at all close to their culture, they openly love and date. Furthermore, according to these dying elders, boys and girls are always in touch with their girlfriends and boyfriends on their mobiles, via Facebook and dancing to English and Hindi melodies.

Apparently, college and university must be an excuse to meet the beloved, the boys must be constantly teasing the girls, and the boys are out of the house so that they can play the national game, i.e. “boondi”. If a girl goes out to study or work, and if this poor thing is dressed up in a nice way, then all the old people peeking out of the window will think she is becoming a beauty for a man. Going to parties, prostitutes and massage centers are the daily chores of us youngsters. It was good, everyone was a figure of shame and revelation, sustenance was blessed, women were faithful, masculinity was established and femininity was eternal. Old men were not despised like this, trousers and eyes were kept below the ankles.

The truth is that our youth does not do anything more “immoral” than what the previous generations may have done. The stories of Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Sasi Pinnu and Laila Majnoon are very popular in our society and people love them. Love is affected by real understanding. The question is, what did all these “holy lovers” do when they met secretly? However, if anyone does that today, it is obscenity and dating. It is okay to wrap rak’ahs in pigeon claws and kite arms, but Facebook and WhatsApp are wrong. Popular who has been herding buffaloes for twelve years and rejected the one-hour package call, if he steals diamonds, he will be loved, and if someone carelessly feeds the country at his own expense, it will be shameless.

All creative means of expressing beauty have been outlawed by obscenity and expressing one’s love for a man or a woman is considered a grave sin. However, in the religious context, the expression of beauty of virgins and for men, there is no mention of such restrictions on promises to provide sexual gratification. Men try to cool their sexual feelings by allowing them to have sex with slaves and handmaidens.

Whether it is human or natural, its expression is offensive to our elders, even though books are full of expressions of beauty and love. The question is what society has provided for the positive expression of youth’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, and aspirations. There is no promotion of sports, so there are no facilities and no money to play on their own, only the genie of cricket is left and that too to the extent of watching. The same thing has happened with literature, music, drama, film and all the positive entertainment activities. We are not only lagging behind in technology and material development, but also on the verge of decline in the cultural field. Our young people are the first to be humiliated for quality education, then pushed for employment and even if they start earning something, they can barely maintain the standard of living, in such a situation where there are no opportunities for sexual harassment and expression of beauty and love. Due to the sick mentality of considering every human being as a source of sexual gratification, all minds are gripped.

Older people should understand that young people are perverted because they do not have legitimate means of expression and comfort. Suppressing every emotion and desire in the name of modesty, shame, orientalism, religion and civilization does not solve the problem. More than reform, the younger generation needs trust and recognition so that they can be called a healthy individual at the sexual, psychological, physical and social levels