The movement has no intention of participating in parliamentary politics: Manzoor Pashtun

P.N Report

Manzoor Pashtun, head of the Pashtun Protection Movement, has reiterated his commitment to run the movement in a non-parliamentary manner.

“For the past several weeks, there has been propaganda that the PTM wants to dig into parliamentary politics, but at the moment we have no such intention,” he said in a statement.

In the days of pandemic we had avoid to engaged in the activities of the movement so that people can live according to the SOPs and we can live this dangerous time well.

“A few months or weeks of silence does not mean that we have strayed or forgotten our purpose,” Pashtun said. As we said in the first day’s meeting in Peshawar, we will sacrifice our lives to protect the rights of Pashtuns. The purpose of the PTM is still to this day.

“We will continue our struggle to get constitutional rights for Pashtuns in this country only though resistance,” the PTM chief said.

Addressing the comrades of the movement in an audio message, he said that all of you have made great sacrifices for the movement and now the way is clear to move forward as state atrocities have reached their limits. And the sacrifices of other martyrs and wounded comrades will bring color.

Readers can find the voice mail of Manzoor Pashteen in below link

Manzoor Pashtun said that neither our steps have been shaken by threats nor propaganda can lead us astray from our goal. PTM will never back down from its basic demands of recovery of missing persons and end of sponsored war.