The mirror is ours!

Together with the United States, they formed the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Together with the United States and becoming a front-line ally in the American war, they overthrew the Taliban government. They disregarded all diplomatic principles, stripped Afghan ambassador Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef and handed him over to the United States. They captured Mullah Baradar in the picture and released him at the request of the United States and put him on the negotiating table. They took money from Osama bin Laden and then sold the same Osama bin Laden and his Arab allies to the United States. They used their country’s military bases against the neighboring country for 33 billion dollars and sold their sovereignty. They caught Aafia Siddiqui and sold her to America, politicized her and when they went to America they forgot about her. They called Osama and the Taliban heroes but went to the United States and showed them their performance and said that we had given information about the attack on them. These people made a fuss in the media a few months ago when Taliban flags were waved at Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s meeting, and their Maulana also said that they would be your people. They don’t want Taliban in Punjab, they want Taliban in Swat, they want them in Waziristan, and they want them in Afghanistan.

These people are strange people, their policy, friendship, enmity, support and opposition changes in an instant, seeing the dollar makes a difference in their faith, seeing the stick changes their statements. The US does not trust them, the Taliban ambassador has written a book on them, they have driven the people of their country insane, they also consider the Pashtun nation insane. Their generals, politicians and journalists keep fighting among themselves, but they all agree on the destruction of the Pashtuns. These are those original Muslims who want democracy in Pakistan but they want sharia in Afghanistan. They make Malala Yousafzai a villain but drive Ehsanullah Ehsan to Turkey. Their people like Oriya Maqbool Jan see the files of generals in their dreams, they use the Maulvis for riots in the country, they spread sectarianism in the country through the Maulvis.

Just look at Khawaja Asif’s party, a fatwa was issued against him for voting in the last election. Its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had a shoe in the name of religion, his other fellow members were beaten by Khadim Rizvi’s slaves. Ahsan Iqbal, the Interior Minister of their government, was assassinated by a disciple on the order of his Peer, ink was thrown on the face of this man. If this person had said something in the face of an American peon while he was the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, we would have accepted his faith. If he had tweeted against the prisonment of the Mullah bahadar seeing in picture we would have considered him as Ertugral of Pakistan. Imran Khan had said in his speech in Parliament that Khawaja Asif is the hypocrite who when asked in America what is the difference between his party and PTI, he said that we are liberal people and Imran Khan Is a supporter of the Taliban. This is a bunch of hypocrites, whether they are thieves or not, they are hypocrites!

Author of this article is Journalist/ Media Trainer/ Political Analyst/ Human Rights & Peace Activist/ Poet & Author/ PhD Fellow Communications, Media and Cultural Studies
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