The locals deprives Zeba Safi (Malala) from empathy of Pashtun leaders

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Few days ago attack on Zeba Safi (also known as Malala) in Momand district of Pakhtunkhwa by unknown militants, which left her critically injured. Malala came into public eye after she bravely pushed back an attempt by Pakistani soldiers to intrude into her home and rape her.

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The family member of Zeba safi in his voice message said that local Jarga approached them with a warning to avoid any meetings with Pashtun political leaders.

He continued that Jarga warned them if they would not keep the words of locals their family would be displaced from the Village.

The family member of Malala of Mohmand named Usman Shah appealed that the Pashtun Nations and other human rights agencies in Pakistan and around the world to fulfill its humanitarian responsibility to ensure the safety of Zeba Safi and put pressure on Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice.

To watch the appeal of Malala Mohmand family click on below link