The inevitable acumination and inequity faced by women in Pakistan

By Adv Hifsa khan

There can’t be any equivocalness that there’s one yes only one , perpetrator of violent sex offense and adding any caution to this fact or qualifying it is any mystification or speculative still , an apology for the nearly flagitious of offense. It filling me with cult that so many men and even some women , incriminating the survivor for their ordeal for what else is saying that violation of sex crimes are provoked because of coarseness or deficiency of modesty in society too ? Purdah has been cited as one shield against such offences.

They belief that women “invite” rape with the way they dress and behave , so if the women doesn’t scrap back , it was not really a rape.
They say men rape because of unmanageable passion and intimate desire , rape is just a sexual enactment , not any act of ferocity and that even woman refuse to have sexual intercourse so the man secretly desire them by raping others wife , daughter mother and a sister . Aren’t woman are mankind ? don’t they deserve to endure an ordinary and felicitous life ? or don’t they have a right to live independent from the cage of a man ?

The Prime Minister then addressed the grounds which according to him were behind the rising eccentric of rapes and sexual violence in Pakistan. He Said if you keep on “Faha’ashi” Vulgarity in any society , it will ultimately have an ( Adverse ) essence he said “ Why does our religion forbid grossness the whole concept of Purdah , why is it there ? so that there ‘s no temptation in society “ he added .

This remark , in particular was widely interpreted as the PM tying of rape to how woman attire whereas the term ‘Purdah ‘ is understood in Islam to refer to both men and women by guarding their modesty . I impugned their notion that women invite rape with the way they dress . Then I interrogate how can vulgarity or immodesty trigger such crimes and not a depraved man ‘s psyche , his propensity to subjugate the victim ? How have the innumerable quantity of minor boys and girls who has been subjected to sexual violence in religious schools or in locality across the country contributed to their own nightmare by being ‘inappropriately ‘ attired ? It is time to stop chasing heed herring . The seven years old Pakistan Girl “ Zainab Ansari ” know for victim pf serial child rape and murder , who was abducted in her home town of Kasur , Punjab . She was on her way to Quran recitation classes on 4th January 2018 . Her body was found discarded within a garbage disposal side near the city of Lahore . An Autopsy report disclosed that she had been extensively raped and tortured before being strangled to death . In that case she was on her way to Qur’an recitation classes , she was wearing “ Dupatta ” rather she was minor and undergo all that acumination . She wasn’t wearing something “ Vulgar ” . She wasn’t ‘Fahaa’sh ‘ while she has been victimized of this brutishness , there was zero immodest in her ‘Libaas ‘ attire , but she has been extensively raped . I still feel so ashamed that something like that could ever happened to that sainted child .

The Prime Minister ‘s perspective is not really young . In fact they were mainstream in much of the world until the 1970 ‘s . Sexual wildness was considered a crime of lust and rage , defined in terms of temptation and desired . How women dressed and their behaviour in general was considered ‘implied ‘ consent and a justification for rape and in many jurisdiction non- consensual sexual violence intercourse was not considered rape at all , violence or use of strength had to be shown as an additional constituent in order to prove rape had occured . Conventionally women are referred to as imperfect and fickle . They are labeled as cowardly , decrepit , hussy , shameless and lecherous .

Regretfully , the best among the men only know what women go through second hand as man can never experience what a women faces in merely trying to exist , to tip her everyday lifespan . it’s such a anguish for women to hear ill-informed men and their unenlightened sentiment on such violence .

Not all men practice violence against women but all women live with the threat of male violence every single day. All over the Earth.