The germs of immorality

Aizaz Ahmed

The germs of immorality grow in the thinking of human beings, not in naked bodies. This is just a hollow cage of the society you are looking for. If you don’t feel rotten by this stinking hypocritical environment, you can be counted happily with those who carry the remains of dead animals. What kind of reformers are you telling me about, my friend? In this rotten society where writing is a mere and mere grammar obligation, where the wisdom of the prophets, the love of the saints, even the poetry that spreads the fragrance of the poets has been tied to their own wooden horses and lost consciousness. Which correction? And what kind of correction?

Isn’t it true that a brother who takes someone’s sister into his “possession” by claiming “I love you so much” is also checking his sister’s mobile phone sitting in a corner of his house at the same time? Maybe my sister is not saying or listening to the same sentence to someone’s brother ?? How did one sentence at a time become so cheap in its quality ?? That the orders have changed ?? Why don’t you like what you like for your sister? Why not like for your daughter ?? Do you know why not ?? Because you know very well that the sentence that you are afraid to grow in your house, because you yourself are not in love, that sentence is just your lie. You have hypocrisy. Your thinking is dirty, otherwise how is it possible that someone who knows love can take away the right to love someone ?? The question does not arise …

So friend First of all, be aware of the morality of the one who wears double standard will glasses, then he sees his own sooty white, and the brightness of the other black. He is sitting in solitude, dripping with saliva, in appetite and in solitude, wearing the leprosy of civilization. The costume of hypocrisy, no matter how expensive, is never more expensive than the rough sheets of truth and integrity.

Article by Aizaz Ahmed student of journalism and mass communication at Abdul wale khan Univerty Mardan AWKUM you can reach him with Email Follow him on Twitter http://@durrani_aizaz