The Creepy Place

There were four friend s Kate, Lisa, Jake and Jason. Kate is a tall girl and she has beautiful long black hair, her eyes are blue and has long lashes. Lisa is Kate’s best friend and Lisa has green eyes with short hair and she dyed it light blue. She’s also kind of a scary cat. And next we have is Jake, Jake has blonde hair and a funky hairstyle. He’s really into horror things just like Kate. Then the last one we have is Jason! Jason is tall, friendlyand very nice.

One night when Kate was alone at her apartment, she was really bored so she thought she should invite her friends at the time of 3:00 AM (you see she read somewhere that 3:00 AM is the devils hour) then when she looked at her phone it was 3:00 AM already. Soshe called up her friends, Lisa said “I’m sorry I don’t want to come.” Kate replied“O come on!” Lisa kept saying no but then Kate said “Please?”  Lisa took a deep breath then she said “Ok fine!” All of them were in Kate’s apartment.  Jason said “What are we going to do now.” Kate said “Why not bake a cake?” “Yum that sounds fun!” said Jason “okay so do you have the ingredients?” asked Lisa. Kate said “Of course I do!”. When they were about to put the eggs inside the bowl, there was a knock from the front door. Lisa was really scared Kate said “What was that? Was that knock from the front door? Who could be doing this.. its 3:00 AM..” They went to check who was it but no one was there Jake said “It must be some annoying kids.”  Kate said “There are no kids awake at 3:00 Am!!” There was a sudden whisper saying “I’m still here.” With a very deep voice but only Lisa heard that “DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!” everyone said “Hear what?” “SOMEONE SAID IM STILL HERE?!?” said Lisa. Jake replied “Your just lying!” Kate said “Do you even have proof of course you don’t.” “Guys, stop being so mean to Lisa!” said Jason. Kate said “Whatever!” Kate closed the front door and said “Come on you guys we are just wasting time!” they came back to Kate’s kitchen and they baked the full cake. They just need to mix and put it in the oven. Lisa said “Come on we are almost about to be done we just got to mix and put it in the oven!” while they were doing that Kate said “So what are we going to do again?” “I will show you.” said Lisa. They were done baking the cake. Jake said “Finally we are done baking this cake and it was kinda my first time baking this cake.” Lisa and Jason said “O the cake looks so yummy!” when all of them were about to try the cake everyone saw a shadow which was holding an axe, Lisa whispered “W-w-what’s that?” Kate said “O its nothing.” Kate was almost about to go and see who was that shadow but Lisa held her hand and stopped her. The shadow went away Lisa then again let Kate’s hand go. Jake said “HELP HELP.” Lisa ran to save him but jake laughed and said “It was a silly prank your face was like so funny!” “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU SCARED ME!” said Lisa Jason said “hey you guys stop fighting it isn’t the time to fight we just saw a shadow you know!” “It was just you pranking us too Jason!” said Kate. Lisa said “Okay lets stop fighting we are going to hurt ourselves!” “okay.” said Kate After that the lights went out Kate said “The lights went out what are we going to do now?” “I don’t know.” said Lisa “Okay its very dark, does anybody has a torch light?” said Jake. Kate replied “I do!” “Good!” said Lisa “Hey guys did you forget about the cake?” Lisa said “Where even is the cake where did you put it?” “This is getting annoying.” said Jake the lights came back and the cake wasn’t there. There was nothing there. Lisa said “Where is the cake what’s going on? Did someone eat the cake?” Jake said “Just leave the cake!”  “We are talking too much!” said Lisa all of them saw a black portal and everyone fainted

And when they woke up the next thing they saw is all darkness and creepy eyes staring at them  “Where are we?” said Jake Lisa said “What is this place?” This place is so creepy and its not even a place!” “You will have to find four neckless and you have to wear them if you find the yellow neckless Jason has to wear that and if you find the pink neckless Lisa has to wear that and if you find the black neckless Jake has to wear that, if you find the white neckless Kate has to wear that if you don’t find them you will be stuck here forever any last questions?” Said an unknown voice. Lisa said “Yes.” “Okay what is it?”

Lisa said “Who are you and how did you know our names? Are you evil?” “That doesn’t matter but I cannot tell you if I’m evil or not any other last questions?” Everyone said “no.” When they did one step they got teleported outside but outside they saw dead animals and a pool of blood and everything was  so dark they got a torch light in their hands. Kate said “Okay this is going to be a long night.” Lisa said “Okay lets start.” They walked and walked then they saw a very big dragon which have fire spikes on it with sharp claws and a really long tail everyone got a armor protection for them  and a large sord  they tried to attack the dragon but the dragon still didn’t die Kate scratched the dragon with her big sord then the dragon put fire on Kate but Kate didn’t die something was protecting Kate Lisa said “KATEYO HAVE SECRET SUPER POWERS?!?” “What no I don’t I don’t!” “Come on Kate don’t lie to us!” said Lisa “I SWEAR I DON’T!” Said Kate “Wait I think in this universe we can have some kind of awesome powers!” said Jason “Wait so does that mean I have super powers?!” Said Lisa, Lisa spawns a big cute pink and white bear the bear made a big scar on the dragon the dragon still didn’t die and hit the bear hard as he can “O MY YOU POOR BEAR!” Said Lisa. Jake said “We have to work on this together.” “Jakes right!” Said Kate they all made a very large dragon and both of the dragon’s fight and gladly they were able to make it they saw a yellow neckless Jason went to pick it up “Yay Jason you found your neckless!”  Said Lisa “It even has a heart shape on it!” said Jason Lisa said “Let’s move on!” “I’m so tired” said Kate, Lisa slapped Kate on her face Lisa said “Let’s go!” But this time a car came and someone from that car said “Do want to take a ride?” Everyone said “No thanks” But the driver said “Why not?” Lisa said “Because a no is a no.” everyone just walked away they continue walking but then something stopped them there was a pool but it was normal there weren’t blood there and there was a letter saying jump into this pool everyone was kind of scared but they got into the pool when they got inside the pool, they turned into mermaids Lisa said “O my god are we mermaids?!” Jake said “What am I?” “Merman.” Said Lisa. Jake laughed “MERMAN HOW FUNNY!” said Jake “Stop laughing and let’s continue.” When they looked behind them, they saw two big sharks Kate said “RUN!!!!” They all ran and ran but then Lisa realized that she had some kind of an electric shock so Lisa Pulled out her electric shocks and shock one of the sharks the other shark got scared so he swam away everyone took a deep breath and hug Lisa then they said “thank you!” to her Lisa hug everyone back then when the shark swam away a pink neckless fell off of one of the sharks.  Lisa took the pink neckless “Come on you guys let’s move on!” When they got up Lisa said “Look you guys I got my neckless!” Everyone said “Wait where did you get that from?” “I will tell you later.” Said Lisa they walked and walked then some lion was protecting a chest when Jake was almost about to say something, the lion looked at Jake and everyone else Jake was not even moving a little he just looked at the lion then he spawned a large hippo the lion ran to get the hippo and all of them were saved they looked in the chest there was a white neckless Kate grabbed the neckless and said “Let’s go we don’t have much time!” “Okay I think the black one is the last neckless we got to find.” Said Lisa, Lisa spawns a unicorn and sits on it Jake said “Are you going to ride on that unicorn?” “yea.” Said Lisa all of them decided to just spawn something and ride on it after that in front of them there is a big bear his furis white with long claws and red eyes everyone said “ATTACK!!” but Lisa said “STOP!” Kate said “Why?” “You’remaking the bear scared!” Said Lisa, Lisa pet the bear with no harm and the bear gave Lisa the black neckless and Jake ran to get the neckless and they came back to the dark place all of them wore the neckless and they were floating “You have done what I said you may now leave.” All of them got teleported in Katesapartment everyone were still wearing the neckless and Jake said “Wow that was fun!” “Yea it was, look we still are wearing our necklesses!” said Lisa “This was so fun I will never forget this.” Everyone said “Me too” Kates friends said “Bye Kate I got to go home.”

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