Ten more polio cases reported in Pakistan

Ten more cases of polio virus have been reported in Pakistan, including two cases of the first type of polio and eight cases of the second type of polio virus.

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According to official figures, two cases of type 1 polio have been reported in Qala-e-Saifullah in Balochistan and Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab, where two children have been maimed due to the polio virus.

The number of polio cases in Pakistan has reached 72.

It had been said Eight new cases of type II polio have been reported.

The highest numbers of the second type of polio has been reported in Punjab province, with two cases in Faisalabad, three in Jhang and one in Toba Singh, and two in Hyderabad and Karachi in Sindh province.

According to official figures, 62 cases of the second polio case have been reported in Pakistan.

Officials at Pakistan’s Polio Eradication Program say people in many areas are still refusing to be vaccinated.

Authorities often blame parents for not giving their children polio drops.