Youth says he received threats after stopping people from collecting donations for terrorist organization

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: Activists of Islamic Emirate a jihadi organization threatened and demanded to a person to apology from them on stopping them from collecting charity during Jumma prayer.
According to sources and a post shared on social media on 24th January on Friday some activists of Islamic Emirate a jihadi organization after Jumma prayers started collecting charity in the mosque at Bai Khan village.
Sources added that during that time Tauqir Abshar a resident of Bai Khan stopped them from collecting charity in the mosque and started discussion with them.

However sources added that during that time the elders of the area stopped them from discussing the issue and want to do agreement between them.

Sources added that the activists of Islamic Emirate demanded that Tauqir Abshar will ask apology from them during next Jumma prayer.

Sources added that Tauqir Abshar did not attend the next Jumma prayer on last Friday and wasn’t agree for apologize.

However when our correspondent contacted Tauter Abshar on his cellphone he confirm the incident however he added that in the current time he is limited to social media and share post on social media and if the issue wasn’t solve then he will come on media and will also hold press conference in this connection.


According to reports delegation of Pakhtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM) Mardan including PTM Mardan deputy Organizer Nadeem khan had meet Tauqer Abshar on Friday, shows their full support on this matter and appreciated Abshar  for speaking against violence.