Targeted behavioural trainings required to increase empathy of police towards masses

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

PESHAWAR – July 10, 2020: Police and its potential conducive relationship with masses is must form the bedrock of police reforms across the country. This remained the recurrent theme of ‘Police Media Sath Sath’ Webinar, 10th of the series held in Peshawar arranged by Communications Research Strategies (CRS).

The senior parliamentary and court reporters from distinguished media houses among diverse array of participants spoke their heart out and shared their decades of experience regarding reporting around police.

Lot of skepticism was noticeable while journalists expressed their grievances against police. Other participants from civil society and academia argued in favour of a more balanced opinion and view regarding partnership of police and media to sustain agenda of broader program ‘Police Awam Sath Sath’.

Special representation from Balochistan diversified the discussion. “The grievances are important, but we should also realize that police force has given most sacrifices as they remained solid in fighting against extremism in the country, they are from us and we should take care of their wellbeing” an academician from Balochistan said.

Zafarullah Khan, a seasoned development sector professional moderated the session and motivated journalists to create alliances and networks to overcome long-standing trust deficit between the police and the media. Aniq Zafar, CEO of CRS, also informed the participants about the story competition around police reforms to develop a culture of positive reporting around police.