Suleiman rescues 100 people trapped in ice

Fawad Safi

  • PASHIN:The cold was so severe that it was difficult for people to get help from anyone, but a young man went out and rescued people.

It was young Muhammad Suleiman Khan who helped stranded people in the Kan Mehtarzai area and transported them to safer place.

Balochistan district resident Pashin Mohammad Sulaiman says he loves helping people since childhood and his same habit has made him famous across Pakistan today.

He rescued close to 100 people from Kan Mehtarzai, “women and the sick were expelled first”,he added.

“We have provided food and supplies for those who were still trapped,” he said.

Sulaiman said that the day we rescued the people, there were storms and winds from afternoon on that day and the storm stopped at one o’clock at night.
Cold wave in Balochistan

According to reports, the recent snowfall in Balochistan was started three days back.

Muhmmad also appealed to other youths of the country to serve humanity indiscriminately.

Blizzard spread to various parts of Balochistan but people in Kan Mehtarzai area were in a difficult situation.

More than 300 people traveling between Quetta and Zhob were trapped in the area.

On the day they were trapped, the snowstorm started at 2pm and the wind was so strong that it was difficult for people to stand.

He said it was the human service spirit that carried him to this area in the severe cold and storms.

He said all this was the result of his mother’s upbringing.

He said that at that time children, women and elderly were in a difficult situation and people were worried for their lives.

He said he did not know that he would get such a fame, “i saw the next day that his photos and videos had gone viral on social media”.he arched.

Mohammad Sulaiman is being widely deployed to rescue people during difficult times.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jamal Kamal Khan specifically invited Muhammad Suleiman to visit the Chief Minister’s House.

The Chief Minister also presented him a commemorative shield.