South Waziristan:Shaktoi burning on Defense day

Mazhar Azad

Reports are being received from Shaktoi area of ​​South Waziristan that innocent people including women and children are being severely tortured in the name of search operation by the Pakistan Army to cover up their failure or guilt after the attack on the Pakistan Army.

A number of innocent people have also been arrested. A curfew has been imposed in the area and all movement is banned. According to an eyewitness, many people have fainted after the army tortured innocent people in Shaktoi and an imam of the mosque was beaten so badly that he was unable to walk.

On the other hand, some army vehicles started firing as soon as they entered Mirali Bazaar, as a result of which people closed their shops out of fear.

The Pakistan Army had invited Shahid Afridi, a well-known cricketer and the new beacon of the boot government, to the so-called and false Defense Day official function in Wana Waziristan an attempt to eliminate the thinking state oppression in the former FATA and especially Waziristan., as usual these efforts will fail because the state is now naked.

Has this cruelty and barbarism been reported on any media channel? Have you heard this from anyone other than social media? No, because in the Kingdom of God, all institutions, from the media and intelligence agencies to the judiciary, are used to enslave the boot and to further strengthen the slavery of Pashtuns and Baloch. This is my country.

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