South Waziristan: Two women injured in mine blast

Pukhtun Nama Web News

A landmine blast in South Waziristan has injured two women. Local police officials say their condition is out of danger.

Manzoor Pashtun, the leader of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement, also tweeted about the blast, saying it had exploded in the Misara village of Khaisur in Tiarza Tehsil.

He said that despite the daily explosions, the state was not meeting the PTM’s demand for demining.

Landmine blast happened  days after the Pakistani military imposed a curfew in the Shaktoi area of ​​South Waziristan and launched a crackdown on the people.

The Pakistani army has arrested several  locals of Shaktoi after beating them severely.

PTM’s activist Alam Zeb Mehsud told  that 150 landmines had exploded in the Masood area of ​​South Waziristan so far 160 people effected of those blast 25 had been died.

According to Alam Zeb, most of the victims are women and children.