So called single curriculum part 2: One syllabus, one book, same robots

One syllabus, one book, same robots

Yasir Pirzada

I have heard that uniform curriculum is going to be implemented in the country. I have heard that for the first time in history this has been done. I have heard that children of the whole country will study the same curriculum in future. The whole nation will fit into a single template. May God bless them!
Hardly any slogan in our country is as misleading as the slogan of uniform curriculum. All the people I have asked the meaning of this slogan to date have given different answers.
If question ask that the slogan is meant to create a curriculum that can be implemented uniformly across the country, the answer is yes
But this answer is not based on reality because the same curriculum already exists which is called national curriculum.

In this syllabus, learning outcomes for all levels of subjects are explained in full detail, and examples illustrate what level of academic ability a child should develop after reading an article/subject.

For example, for a fifth grade English subject, the learning outcome is important so that the child can make simple sentences and understand their meaning.
This standard of competency is the same for children all over the country. But it is well known that children in government schools cannot write English sentence only but isn’t able to write an Urdu sentence, while a fifth grader in a grammar school can speak in English.
At this stage, the slogan for a uniform curriculum is modified and it is said that in fact the children of the poor read the books of the government textbook board and the children of the rich read the expensive books of Oxford Cambridge.
Nations are ruined because of this difference, so the same books should be read in school so that the whole nation is molded into one template.
There will be no slaves.

This is as misleading as it may seem interesting and pleasing.
Our desire to mold the free citizens of this country into a single template is very old, but unfortunately there is no template in which we can mold these 220 million human beings into robots.  Such templates are for faucet manufacturers. Not for humans.
When it comes to this, the slogan of the same curriculum is changed to the slogan of uniform education system and it is said that in fact we want a system in which the child of rich and poor can get the same standard of education. That’s it. But then the question does not remain about the education system but it becomes a question of class distinction. Who wouldn’t want to have a five star hospital, a grammar school and a private Mercedes when needed, compared to government hospitals, government schools and government buses!

In fact, this is a confusing issue. The new uniform curriculum that we are bragging about is the first time in the history of the country but this curriculum already exists.
The only difference is that his learning outcome is being improved, which is a good thing.
But whatever learning outcome you set until the public school child achieves the required level of competency

These things written on paper will be meaningless. The question arises as to if the children of expensive grammar schools are surpassing this standard, So do we want them to be on par with public schools? Of course not, but we want the public school child to be equal to them.For this, these schools will have to provide resources and ensure that qualified teachers are willing to teach the children.

Middle-class parents like to send their child to a private school in the neighborhood, even though there are no public school fees and the building is notorious. Why?
Because they want to see their child in neat uniforms and stuffing Oxford books in their backpacks, even though public school teachers are far more capable than oppressed private schoolteachers.

This discussion of the curriculum is also misleading because no matter what curriculum you create or make the same textbooks compulsory in all schools, parents will send their children to grammar school, O level or outside to study as much as possible and You cannot deprive anyone of this right in the name of a uniform education system.
But all this does not mean that the current practice of creating a curriculum is completely useless, there are some positive aspects to it.
For example, in the light of the national curriculum, the government has created model textbooks for every subject from Nursery to fifth grade. Schools can use these books if they want or they can teach books of the same standard to children.
It is also suggested that government as well as grammar school children will be required to pass the middle school examination, while in future government examinations will be conducted in the style of Cambridge etc.

Delhi is still far away. However, the most welcome thing is to include madrassas in this stream of education. Now it will be necessary for the children of madrassas to pass the government board examination as well.
But the madrassas did not accept this for free, instead many of their demands have been accepted and the national curriculum has been formulated in the light of these demands.

I belong to the generation who read Punjab Textbook Board books in school. At that time, the practice of expensive grammar schools was not common, but only children of government schools got positions in the board. All these children have read the same curriculum and the same kind of books.My question is which arrow did our generation shoot that today’s children cannot shoot?
It is true that the matriculation pass of that time is more deserving than the matriculation pass of today, but it was not because of the uniform curriculum but because of the high standard of education in government schools. And don’t even know the fallacy that we have come up with the idea that the children of the whole nation should be taught the same books so that a national thought may flourish.

Yasir Pirzada, a career civil servant (CSS officer), is one of the leading Urdu columnists who have built a wide readership over a very short period of time. you can reach him through