Silence on Kartarpur and Fatwa against temple!

Jamal safi

Political and military leaders, including religious affairs, were present at the inauguration of Kartarpur. At that time, the so-called religious people were silent all over the country because the contract of Kartarpur was taken by a military brigadier “Atif Majeed” and the money was being spent from the national treasury. No one had opened his mouth, why this money is being spent from the national treasury?

Today a temple is going to be built in Islamabad, so these people are presenting their faith to us. Which we know very well.

Those who did not speak on the government-sponsored Kartarpur corridor and the Rs 16 billion spent on the Gurdwara just because General Sahib was doing it, today the so-called religious people are suffering a lot of Rs 80 million on the temple.

It is not a problem if the tax of 3.6 million Hindus goes to Hajj subsidy but if the tax of the same Hindus is used to build temples then the faith of Maulvis and religious extremists will be endanger.

I have nothing to do with Kartarpur and the temple, but I know the faith of those who are shining their politics on the temple today.