Second Time SC Moved With Petition Seeking Presidential System In Country

Pukhtun Nama Web News

A petition received in the Supreme Court on Friday asked for a referendum pertaining to a presidential form of government in the Pakistan.petitioner an Islamabad citizen Dr Sadiq Ali mentioned the prime minister and the federal cabinet to clear way for a referendum and citizens to decide if they want presidential system, reported by Express Tribune.

further more petition that the government has ‘failed’ under the Parliamentary system. It continued that Islam prohibits spoiling there sources, but under this setup, Pakistan’s resources are being wasted.

Demands to hold of a referendum with a public opinion on the type of government, the petitioner arched the supreme court to direct the PM and the federal cabinet to hold a referendum. Furthermore, the petitioner appealed to the apex court to broadcast the proceedings of this case live.

PM and the cabinet have been made party in the petition. For the second time in a single week petition has been submitted in the Apex Court demanding presidential form of government.

Earlier on Thursday August 27, the chairperson of a minute known political party Hum Awam Pakistan, Tahir Aziz Khan, approached a top court with the same type of petition.