Sarang Joyo was subjected to physical and mental torture in custody:Taj Joyo

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

The Senate Human Rights Committee today directed the Registrar of the Senate to inform the members of the committee of the action taken against 153 military officers who were allegedly involved in the torture of missing persons.

A special meeting of the committee was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar. Prominent Sindhi intellectual Taj Joyo was specially invited to get detailed information about the enforced disappearance of his son Sarang Joyo.

During the meeting, Taj Joyo said that his son had returned home last night but dozens of other people who had been forcibly disappeared from different parts of Sindh were still missing. Presenting his position on human rights violations in the province in writing, he demanded from the committee members that “I want the safe return of all my sons.”

On this occasion, he also recited this poem of Sagar Siddiqui


Right now the color of the forehead in the morning is black
Don’t be fooled now. It is very dark

On this Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar directed the Inspector General of Police (IG) Sindh to make efforts for the recovery of all the missing persons from Sindh and in this regard to ensure the safe return of these persons by contacting the concerned agencies. He also said that he would soon convene a special meeting of the committee on missing persons in the province and would not ignore the issue.

Taj Joyo also told the committee members that his son had been subjected to severe mental and physical abuse during his detention, which made him worried about his health.

Sarang Joyo is currently being treated at a private hospital in Karachi where he will undergo physical and mental tests. Taj Joyo told that his son was kept standing for five days in a row and slept for a moment. Not given which has adversely affected their brain.

Last night, Sarang Joyo was dropped off at Hassan Square in Karachi, from where he returned home by taxi.