Residents of South Waziristan held a protest

P.N. Report

WANA: The residents of South Waziristan held a protest rally in front of scouts camp Wana on Tuesday and demanded compensation for the affected persons during the operations in the area.

According to details, the participants of rally were carrying banners and play cards inscribed with slogans to give full-fledged compensation to the martyred, injured and other affected people hailing from subdivision Wana. The ringleaders, of the rally Abdul Khaliq, Nizam ud Din, Bahader khan and malik Muhammad khan said in their addresses that Ahmadzai Wazir had given colossal sacrifices for the integrity of nation during several operations conducted in Wana.

They said that first military operations were launched against the foreign terrorists in Wana. They added that there was complete peace in the entire tribal when ill-fated Wana was burning due to war on terror.

They disclosed that compensation amount given to heirs of martyred and injured ones, was nominal compared to the amounts given in other parts of the country. When war against Uzbek, Chichan and Tajik was launched by the nine tribes of Ahmadzai Wazir, a great number of local people were killed in that fight against the foreign militants.

They appealed provincial government to start survey in subdivision wana to compensate people whose homes and shops were demolished in different operations; and give them the status of IDPs on account of their sufferings during several operations.

They demanded of corps commander, Peshawar, IG FC South, governor KPK and Chief Minister to consider their case seriously otherwise; they would extend their protest demonstrations to Peshawar and Islamabad.