Remembering The legend Badar Munier

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: Twelfth death anniversary of legendry Pashto actor Badar Munier
was observed on Sunday. He belonged to Miankhel tribe and was born in 1943 in Madyan area of Swat. He worked in over 400 films, out of which 85 were Urdu, 31 Punjabi, 11 Sindhi and 1 Hindko film from 1970 to
2002. He died on October 11, 2008 at the age of 70 in Lahore.

Before joining film industry, Bader Munir used to drive Rikshaw in Karachi then he got a job as Tea boy in Waheed Murad’s office. He was introduced by Waheed Murad to the film industry in 1970.

His first movie was Yousaf Khan Sherbano, with Yasmin Khan as heroine. The story
of this film was written by a notable Pashto poet Ali Haider Joshi. It was based on the famous Pashto folk story of Yousuf Khan and Sherbano.

Afterwards, he was cast in other successful movies like Adam Khan Durkhanai also based on a folk story, Orbal, Baghi, Didan, Kochwan,
Mairnay Wror, Khana Badosh, Topak Zama Qanoon, Dehqan and Naway da Yaway Shpay.

He was also seen in many Punjabi films. Badar Munir had great services for Pashto and Pashto culture and due to which he is
still remember in the hearts of Pakhtuns. The Badar Munir Federation arranged a function at Mardan press club in connection to the twelfth death anniversary of the legendry actor. Addressing on the occasion, Saed Munier son of Badar Munier, Pashto film actor Aman Khan, TV actor Ishrat Abass, Javeed Yousafzai, Ibrahim Badar, Speen Khan, Zahirullah, Sardar Ghamghin, Akbar Hoti advocate, Naeem Anwar appreciated the
contributions of Badar Munier for Pashto culture.

They said that BadarMunier played a great role for promotion of the Pashto culture all
over the world. They said that he would live in the hearts of Pakhtuns forever. Speakers said that Badar Munier was a born actor and he had no replacement. Speakers said that the departure of such a great person and hero was the most unfortunate day for the Pashto cinema.

They added that the vacuum created by his death could never be filled. Badar Munier was a hero par excellence,” they said. Speaker said that Badar Munier was an icon of the silver screen and that he was a national hero, who left behind a legacy of commitment, devotion and humility.

The speaker demanded that the name of Badar Munier should include in the Guinness World Records book. Speakers also demanded the
government to include the services of Babar Munier in the curriculum and also save the Pashto film industry from destruction.