Relatives found her body dumped in the water drain near her house

Mohammad Riaz Mayar

MARDAN: A minor girl who had gone missing three day earlier was found dead in Garhi Dolatzai area in the limits of Garhi Kapura Police Station  District Mardan on Friday.

police and local residents said that three-year old Fatma Gul, resident of Mohallah Baghistan Garhi Dolatzai, went missing from the front of her house.

Sources added that on 25th February her uncle Shahzada registered missing report at Garhi Kapura police station.

He stated in police report that his 3 years old niece Fatma Gul daughter of Laiq Zada who is employee at police department were playing with her elder brother Tufail age five years in front of her house.

He told to police that Tufail later on return his home while Fatma Gul did not return home.  

further he stated that his family has no enmity with any one.

The family members searched her out everywhere but to no avail.

Police registered case under section 364 PPC.

Shahzada added that after the passage of three days on Friday in the morning the locals and relatives found her body dumped in the water drain near her house.

He arched that the body was shifted Shahbaz Garhi Category-D hospital where the staff was absent later on the body was shifted to Mardan Medical Complex for autopsy.

The police registered the case and launched investigations.

Family members of victim added that in 2008 Bakhatzada uncle of the deceased child also went missing however no clue was find so far