Record number of journalists jailed worldwide during epidemic

In some countries, many journalists have been imprisoned during the corona virus epidemic: CPJ

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) says some governments have sent an unprecedented number of journalists to prisons this year because due to coronavirus epidemics civil unrest could not be reported.

The CPJ said in a December 15 report that governments of various countries had imprisoned about 274 journalists since December 1.

According to the committee, that number was around 250 last year.

The report said the CPJ had been compiling the figures form 1990, According to three decades record this is the largest number of imprisoned journalists in a single year.

The CPJ says governments are trying to stop the spread of news about Covid-19 by arresting journalists.

CPJ chief Joel Simon said in a statement that it was “surprising” to see a record number of journalists imprisoned during the global epidemic.

Most of the arrests were made in China, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the report said.

The CPJ’s jailed journalists list do not include those arrested, detained and released during the year 2020.

The Committee to Protect Journalists added in its report that as a result of its efforts this year, 75 imprisoned journalists have been released in a number of countries around the world.