‘Receiving an award from a state that violates people’s rights is a bargain’

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

Researcher, teacher, author and intellectual Taj Joyo has been announced by the Government of Pakistan to receive the Pride of Performance Award this year on Independence Day, but he has refused to accept the award.

“How can I receive the Pride of Performance Award at a time when human rights are being violated in Sindh and dozens of political activists have been forcibly disappeared from their homes?” Including my son Sarang.

“Receiving this award from a state that violates the basic human rights of the people and imposes constant restrictions on expression, political thinking and political action would be tantamount to bargaining for me,” he said.

Criticizing the state policies, he added that Sindh has been made a federal colony. The resources of Sindh have been seized by the federation and the secular thinking of Sindh is being distorted by increasing religious fanaticism in Sindh.
Taj Joyo is the author of more than sixty books. He has been the Secretary of Sindhi Language Authority for ten years and also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

His son Sarang Joyo, 35, works as an associate researcher at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology and lives with his wife and two daughters in the Akhtar Colony area of ​​Karachi.

According to his wife, Sohni Joyo, between the nights of August 10 and 11, some security personnel forced their way into her home – searching her home, arresting her husband and confiscating his laptop and books. Picked up

Sarang Joyo regularly attended camps outside the Karachi Press Club for the recovery of enforced missing persons from Sindh. He also runs the Sindh Sajagi Forum, a social organization that raises voices on Sindh’s political and social issues. It also works for the recovery of missing persons.

Sohni Joyo says law enforcement agencies have been harassing her husband for a long time. He was also detained by the police a few days ago.
Sarang Joyo also filed a petition in the Sindh High Court on August 6, 2020 against these actions in which she asked the court to provide him protection but, according to his lawyer Aqib Rajpar, the hearing of this petition has started. They have already disappeared.

“Announcing the Pride of Performance Award for me three days after my son’s enforced disappearance is a joke not only for me but for the entire nation,” says Taj Joyo.