Rape Culture in the lights of History

Aizaz Ahmed

Sexual possession through This power does not have to be physical. Achieving sexual control without the consent of the victim or taking advantage of his temporary helplessness by gaining psychological control of the victim also falls under the category of rape. Such as befriending a homosexual or heterosexual person and then using physical means, including bullying, intimidation, and blackmail, including intoxication, sleeping, or having fun, to gain physical control for sexual purposes.

There is no age limit for rape and poaching. But most victims of rape are women between the ages of 20 and 50. The hunter can be anyone from a physically strong primary school child to a man of sixty-five years. It is not necessary that the victim of rape is a man and the victim is a woman. People of the same sex can be hunted and men can be raped by women.

Studies of most cases have shown that fewer rapists or rape victims are strangers to each other. Only those who know become hunters and hunters. They can be anyone from close relatives to neighbors and city dwellers. Most of these incidents are hidden or kept hidden and in some societies the proportion of concealment of these incidents is found to be eighty to ninety percent.

It is as if very few incidents have resulted in very few punishments and very few physical and psychological rehabilitation of the injured is possible. But it has been observed that concealing or ignoring or forgetting incidents does not reduce rapes but increases them. But it is also a matter of concealing and revealing the cultural, religious, political and economic structure of society and the general functioning of the law. There are usually three types of rapists. Those who do it out of anger or revenge. They can occur both individually and collectively. In countries like Pakistan and India, this is the motive behind most of the rapes.You can call the second type of rapist a power rapist if you like. These range from those who subjugate their spouses, girlfriends, housemaids or employees, or any subordinate or helpless looking stranger with their physical, financial and social strength, to welfare volunteers, teachers, who are responsible for the protection of children and women. It can be anyone, including prison inmates, uniformed government officials, and corporate and office bosses. The term custodial rape is used in law books to describe the rape of suspects in the custody of police stations and military establishments.

The third type of rapist consists of those who enjoy sadistic or hunting. Why does a man become a tormentor? Its individual and collective motivations demand a separate psychological and social debate. Such rapists seek sexual pleasure by subjected their prey to various physical and mental tortures. They can mutilate and kill the victim’s sensitive and delicate limbs and face, from beating to killing and even mutilating the body after the murder. All these movements give them a kind of peace and if they do not come to the notice of anyone, they go out in search of the next prey. Sadistic rapists usually do their work individually, but there are instances where more than one persecuted rapist acts in a group, although such instances are rare.

Rape is also used as a weapon against an enemy group. And this has been happening since ancient times, not today. Women and teenagers have always been in the category of booty. Rape has been used as a weapon to drive an opponent out of the area or to humiliate and humiliate him. Whether it is a civil war or an open war, the weapon of rape is tested in every situation. Major events in the memory of me or those older than me include the bloodshed of the 1947 partition, the civil war in East Pakistan, Bosnia and Rwanda, and the Kashmir issue.

Rape has been used as a weapon in almost every crisis of the twentieth century since World War I. Japan is said to have systematically placed millions of local women in brothels for the sexual gratification of the invading army during the colonial occupation of Manchuria and Nanjing in Korea and China in the first half of the last century. The term “comfort woman” was coined for these women.

Surprisingly, rape was not on the list of war crimes before the 1945 Geneva Convention. That is why the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazis and the Tokyo Trials against the Japanese War Criminals did not result in a rape charge. However, during the genocide trial in Rwanda in 1998, the International Criminal Court ruled that rape during the war was a crime against humanity.

The rapist suffers from severe psychological and physical damage. Sometimes anger overpowers him, sometimes hostility flares up again and sometimes he gets confused and sometimes he gets scared. He may scream and roar suddenly and may be in a state of shock. He has no control over his emotions or his nervous system. Her appetite and sleep are badly affected.If he does not get timely psychological help and attention from the people close to him, he will isolate himself from life and may even take his own life as a last resort. All of these problems are caused by the psychological and physical helplessness of the rape victim. And this is the time when her loved ones hug her and hold her close and tell her that she is innocent of whatever happened and that is what would have happened to her in those circumstances.

He desperately needs someone to restore his confidence in life. In these circumstances, looking at him with meaningful eyes, changing his attitude, blaming him again and again, and then standing in the dock and having fun, questioning and answering and publicizing his name. All of these actions are tantamount to another rape.

Rape may not end, but it can be reduced. This requires more enforcement of laws than tightening them on paper. Your children need to be told who they can relate to inside and outside the home and what risks they may face if they cross the line. They need to be reassured about the causes of physical and emotional changes that change with age so that they do not fall prey to ignorance or darkness.

They need to be open about the greedy temptations that can be a snare for them. They need to be told that life is neither too dark nor too bright. In this forest called Dunya, you have to be careful, you have to recognize bloodthirsty animals and you have to enjoy life. They need to be told that sudden trouble can happen at any time, but that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged.

Article by Aizaz Ahmed student of journalism and mass communication at Abdul wale khan Univerty Mardan AWKUM you can reach him with Email Aizaz.ak@gmil.com Follow him on Twitter http://@durrani_aizaz