Punjab is Pakistan

By Aizaz Ahmed

Pakistan has a lasting reputation in the United Nations.This beautiful incident has not only happened once, but for many centuries we have been sitting on this bench with great joy and complete satisfaction. This region of the planet has been blessed with the fortunes of Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Abdali, Mughals, Rajputs and Shah-e-Suri, who have brought to this land of God-given infidels like Raja Dahir, bad-tempered and people. I threw so much love in the hearts of the people of this region that people come here from Iraq, Greece, and Constantinople to perform Hajj.

Muhammad ibn Qasim was also a pilgrim who, on his return from here, took with him seventeen pots full of gold of Hindu corpses as a blessing. The name of Mahmud Ghaznavi among the famous pilgrims does not need any introduction. He remembered the days of this land moment by moment and his restless and restless nature came to China only when he took off the nose ring of the idol of Somnath as a gift and put it in the inside pocket of his dress. Look at the deeds of the Hindu tyrants, they used to waste everything by offering gold and silver to an idol, the servant gives it to a Muslim only. Well, Hindus are Buddhists and it was their Buddhism that overwhelmed them then. Then a caravan of pilgrims came to this land in ships and stayed here for about a hundred years. Unbeknownst to these pilgrims, the Hindus and Muslims who have lived here for centuries, who loved each other like brothers, sought to cut each other’s throats and consequently the innocent Muslims to escape the evils of the Hindus. A separate country had to be created.

Pakistan is the name of the paradise in which we are blessed to live. There are four types of Pakistan: –

• New Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Old Pakistan (Punjab)

• Suspicious Pakistan (Balochistan)

• Gaya Pakistan (Sindh)

There are people of four provinces in Pakistan, which are in the following order: –

• Punjabi

• Punjabi

• Punjabi

• Punjabi

Punjabis are a very generous nation which has provided shelter and food to other small ethnic groups in this country, including Sindhis, Balochis and Pakhtuns, Seraikis, etc. In today’s materialistic age, there has been such generosity. This great benevolence of the Punjabis towards these hungry naked people should be written in golden letters of history. The Punjabis had also extended their hospitality to three lakh girls of another Shudra caste Bengalis but the Bengalis got angry as there were a few leprous brains, so what was wrong with love? Today, they are heading towards insane Bengali atheism and have made a name for themselves in the destruction of religion and the hereafter. Their (GDP) growth is much higher than that of Pakistan but Sayane says this is the last time the flame flickers before it goes out. That’s right.

Opponents of good are always present. Take these crazy Balochs. Man gets salwa to eat and jam kausar to drink, but the dog’s tail will remain crooked. They say we need freedom. Is there anything you can do? The Baloch have complete freedom that they can come to Punjab at any time and take what they need. What more do they want? Peace be upon you! The same thing is bothering these blunt-minded Sindhis. They are all like the Israelites. They want to wander in the desert away from mercy and blessings because of their actions. Everyone is crazy.

Thankfully, there are still some wise men like Kahf here. These great intellectuals, historians, scholars, forefathers and elders of the nation include Allama Orya Maqbool Jan, Mufti Ansar Abbasi, Maulana Haroon Al-Rasheed and Sig Ashab Kahf Commander Zaid Hamid. Because of these perfect gentlemen, the wrath of Allah has been prevented from descending on Pakistan and we have escaped from a calamity like the flood of Noah. Some wicked people had tried in vain to achieve such a status. Abdul Salam was also a brainwashed man who did not know which leader had given a degree in nuclear physics. Look at the courage of this infidel, how helpless he was to call himself a Pakistani and even more cruel, to call himself a Muslim. Right with this irrational man and with his grave. A patriot like Abdul Qadir can hardly create this soil. With the neatness and skill with which he developed nuclear technology from the Netherlands for the sake of his homeland, he astonished the great thieves all over the world. Then the boldness with which he tried to sell missile technology was an undeniable guarantee that he would be Iqbal’s Shaheen. An enlightened general bound this free man at the behest of the infidels. Look at the courage of this hungry naked refugee.

The nation has also produced a few twists and turns, including people like John Elia, Manto and Jalib. One of them, Majzoob, said, “We have been doing nothing but eating haraam food for the last one thousand years.” There is a limit. Someone tell them that we have done so many things that you will be forced to press your fingers under your teeth. We have made the Islamic bomb which is like a thorn in the side of a tyrant. And our love for Islam is no secret. Nowhere in the world, anywhere, at any time, if a person ignores Islam, if he says anything to the Arabs, then the bodies of Pakistanis catch fire. Rallies come out, meetings take place. Granted, there is a financial loss of crores of rupees in these meetings, the routines of life are disrupted, but there is also something principled. Such deeds are our daily routine. Every year on the occasion of Ashura, one sect pays homage to the other sect. Some time ago, a festival called Punjab Youth Festival was held in which the heights of human aesthetics were reached and many records were set including breaking walnuts from the head. A girl named Malala, who was an infidel, broke her web very easily and reminded her of her real times. In recent days, Pakistan has been awarded an honor by the United Nations that has not been shared by any other country. GG, you got it right.

Pakistanis are especially known for their kindness. Tell me for yourself, which nation in the world is so merciful and forgiving that even after losing more than fifty thousand lives, it still shows a very high standard and considers those responsible as innocent? Everyone knows that America is doing what it is doing. Now why blame these innocent lives on these innocent Taliban? Can you ever do something wrong? They are our own. We just need to remove the veil from our eyes that some liberal fascists have blindfolded. What is wrong with the Taliban’s demand? Shariat is what they want. So let the law come. Since Pakistan is an Islamic state, Islamic Sharia and laws are kept in mind here. Everyone adheres to the universal principles of Islam. According to a survey, 87% of Pakistan’s young population wants Sharia in the country, which shows us love of religion. To create suspicion in the hearts of the people, a nonsense report was presented in which Pakistan was called Puranistan and it was also said that Pakistan is one of the top countries visiting porn sites in the world. Put your hand on your heart and tell me, can this happen in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Some elements who are jealous of Pakistan’s economic, social and moral development and in fact want to slander the spotless character of Pakistanis by spreading such baseless rumors.

A report published by the Pew Research Center ranks Pakistan as one of the least religiously tolerant countries. This is nonsense and another conspiracy by the Zionist powers to discredit Pakistan. Beyond small differences like Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi, all are considered equal Pakistanis. Seeing such equality, even Karl Marx must have risen to his grave. Whenever a Baloch or Hazara is killed, or Hindu girls are forced to convert to Islam, or doctors are targeted on the basis of their profession, the whole nation celebrates holidays in mourning. Protest rallies are held and scholars of all sects go beyond segregation and issue strong condemnatory statements, law enforcement agencies arrest those responsible on an emergency basis and prosecute them on the same day. Deliver to Even Osho will be amazed at the zeal of Pakistanis in religious tolerance and endurance. Nowsherawan would not have seen such justice in his dream of ejaculation.

Shaddad had tried to create paradise on this land and he had succeeded in it as if the government of Pakistan hadsucceeded today. The only fear is that our paradise will not be like the paradise of Shaddad.