PTM: The Peshawar High Court’s decision endorse our demand

Pukhtun Nama Desk News

Members of the Pashtun Tahfuz Movement (PTM) had welcomed the Peshawar High Court’s decision to release 196 Missing persons, who has been sentenced to life in prison. PTM members told that the decision indicate that their demands are true.

They said thousands of people are still missing and should be brought to justice and release

Abdullah Nangyal, an active member of the Pashtun Salvation Movement, told that there still a number of detainees in the detention centers by the security forces who had not been brought to justice.

Abdullah Nangyal said: “What the verdict is?, it shows that the right of a lawyer, the argument and the right of appeal to an accused was not provided, and the same verdict was given by force, so the verdict of the court is clear. “It is simply endorsement of out demand regarding missing persons

In a 426-page detailed decision to release the 196 persons on Saturday, the Peshawar High Court said the men had been convicted in cases in which no evidence was presented against them to implicate them in terrorism.

Shabir Hussain Gagiani, a lawyer in the case against the military tribunals, told that in the military tribunals, the accused were not given a clean bill of health, witnesses and the right to a lawyer.

Shabbir Hussain Gigiati added that if there was no appeal against the decision in the Supreme Court, the accused could be released tomorrow after the necessary paperwork.

Shabbir further said the Peshawar High Court had also approved the petitions of 100 other people and would hear them on 22nd of this month .