PTM Europe condemns the armed attack on Zeba Safi (Malala) and arrest of Mohsin Dawar

Pukhtun Nama Web News

PTM Europe Coordination Committee (PTM Europe CC) strongly condemns the brutal attack on Zeba Safi (also known as Malala) in Momand district of Pakhtunkhwa by unknown militants, which left her critically injured. Malala came into public eye after she bravely pushed back an attempt by Pakistani soldiers to intrude into her home and rape her. Ever since bringing this shameful act of the Pakistani soldiers, which has been systematic in Pashtun areas, to the public domain, the military has been trying to intimidate and silence her and her family members.
We call on the United Nations and other human rights agencies in Pakistan and around the world to fulfill its humanitarian responsibility to ensure the safety of Zeba Safi and put pressure on Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice.
Meanwhile, Mohsin Dawar, an MP representing Waziristan in the National Assembly of Pakistan and a leading member of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), was arrested at arrival in Quetta without any prior warning from government and intelligence agencies, claiming that he had been barred from entering Southern Pakhtunkhwa (Baluchistan).
The arrest of a parliamentarian merely because of using his democratic right of political consultations is against the Constitution of Pakistan and any international law. We therefore demand his immediate release.
We strongly condemn both these acts of intimidation which are part of the broader systematic oppression of Pashtuns. We call on all human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, to support us in this fight for justice and respect for human rights and dignity and play an active role in condemning the human rights abuses by the Pakistani military.