Poverty smells like a death

Hinna Tahir

My conscience is bothering me again & again.
Making me frustrated & indecent.

Poverty is a global conundrum. The International Poverty Line is extremely low. Indeed, ‘extreme poverty’ is an adequate term for those living under this low threshold.
Surprisingly, study has brought Pakistan face to face with a grim reality that it will find hard to accept.Every third Pakistani is caught in the ‘poor’ bracket i-e more than half of population is living under the poverty line.These daunting figures are further increase by the consequences of Coronavirus pandemic.
The Economic survey of 2019-2020 estimates that atleast 10 milionpeople are expected to slip under the national poverty line of Pakistan.

In 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 1 highlights that ending poverty in all its form everywhere is the need of hour.
Pakistan is committed to poverty alleviation in line with SDGs.
From it’s inception to date, it is acquiring every efficacious strategies to cope poverty practically. The most effectual Benazir Income Support Program  BISP, to present constructive & integrated Ehsaas programme to Pakistan Baitul Maal all aim to reduce poverty, vulnerability, malnutrition, &deprivation so that the fundamental rights of all the citizens could be secured.

Despite every hardship & striving vigorously, all poverty Alleviation schemes fail to compete with this miserable issue.
Moreover, the myth ” the richer gets richer, & the poor gets poorer”seems a fact now.
Though global economy is growing rapidly. The advance productivity is all on its way. But, still there is a devastating rise in poverty worldwide.

A genius Mandela qouted that ; “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery & apartheid, poverty is not natural.It is man-made & it can be overcome & eradicated by the action of human beings”.

It is noteworthy to infer the concept of “Global Capitalism”. It’s the process in which profits are privatised& cost are socialised. The benefits aren’t share equally.Turning back the pages of time, the mid-18th century gave rise to Capitalism, followed by industrial revolution, Britain become the first global economic superpower, because of superior manufacturing technology &improved global communications such as steamships & railroads.By mid 19th century, Britain was deeply engaged to the notion of free trade, & the first era of globalization began.Being Inspired by North, South also embrace Capitalist economic systems.It gives explicit picture that Global Capitalism encourages the North to exploit the South. It also encourages the elite both within the North & South to retain monopoly over power & resources. This precisely breeds poverty.Therefore, this structure is so deep && well entrenched that our Poverty Alleviation Schemes fail to compete the wrath of Global Capitalism.As a result poor remains poor forever & woefully, our institutions don’t have the potency to take apt measures because they’re also product of capitalist mindsets.

Images matter. Only those can feel it who have struggled with it.

Author of this article Hinna Yousafzai Graduated in (major finance) you can reach her https://twitter.com/hinnaYousafxaii?s=12 and with Gmail Taimur.shahraas@gmail.com