Politics of egomania

By Hamza khan

People have much higher expections of their leader in time of crisis. They seek a clear direction, reassurance, and above all, Unity among all political leaders so that they work to-gather  reponsibly and purposefully address the unfounding of crisis. The political leadership ought to have cast aside politics and prioritised national purpose over politicking. 

Since the pendamic began; people had sky-high assumption that their leaders would be on one page but that has overturned after watching the parliamentry session, on the contrary, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has stepped up its investigation against the opposition leader Shahbaz sharif including sharif family and the other opposition members and has been summoning them for introgations on daily basis. There is a likelihood that NAB may arrest Shahbaz Sharif after Eid. The opposition has turn all allegations levelled against it a pack of lies and reiterated its position that NAB is unleashing persecution on oppostion members at the behest of government. Politics, it seems, that heating up in sync with the alarming Covid-19 situation. The conduct of the NAB has become so controversial that it is very difficult to belive that its actions are lace with partisan politicking.
The onus to forge a national consensus rested with the federal government. But the opportunity was passed up despite offers for cooperation from the opposition. The stated justification was that there could be no truck with those who looted public money. In one fell swoop, the entire parliamentary membership was written off and the chance to evolve an inclusive policy squandered. The result was to divide, not unite, the country’s political forces.
The party’s confrontational style of leadership helped to fire and mobilise a loyal body of supporters who wanted to break from the ‘old politics’. Although government ostensibly aimed at easing out the current situation but its confrantational approuch even in this hard time widening deep-rooted mistrust between government and people. 
National consensus needs to be carried out rather than escalating political heated debate and media trials. However, neither side can be allowed to write off the debate of flattening the transmission curve of this contigious virsus by pouring allegations on each other otherwise it would lead us to irretrievale consequences, samilirly, the hardest hit countries, US, SPAIN, ITLY, CHINA etc.

Equally importantly, it will test our ability to come together as one nation. I ask the government on behalf of all Pakistanis to begin working with the opposition, which has ample experience in administration, including overcoming epidemics like the dengue outbreak of 2011.

Even in the current Covid-19 outbreak, the Sindh government has by far been the most proactive and can share its valuable experience with the prime minister. Sadly, the walkout of the leader of the opposition Shahbaz Sharif and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari from the all parties conference on coronavirus, only underscored the fact that consensus-building is not among the PTI government’s strong suits.

Had we a spectacular political unity, the cheif justice of pakistan wouln’t take suo-moto notice over Covid-19; passing up the policies of Centre government, is more aggravated for PM Imran khan and his cabinet.

However, extraordinary crisis calls for extraordinary action by the leadership irrespective of the political disaggrements and the rulling party should not endulge itself in political feuding and the partisan conduct be suspended in order to fight with the contigious virus “Covid-19”