Points of relief funds under the Ehsaas Programme administration has failed to ensure the social distancing:Mardan

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: Despite of the claiming of district administration to take proper steps and deployed heavy contingent of police on retailers and different distribution points of relief funds under the Ehsaas Programme to ensure the security and social distancing the administration has failed to ensure the social distancing


more than 111 distribution centers have been established for the relief under Ehsaas programme.

The district administration claim that more than 500 cops was deployed on these points to ensure security and social distancing at these points.

People belonging to different parts of the district are visiting these points to collect the relief funds.

However people at these points did not follow the social distancing due to which the spread of corona virus is become easier throughout the district.

Bakhat Munier a local journalist in a video message uploaded on social media strongly criticized the district administration and local police.

He arched that he was performing his journalistic duty at post graduate college Mardan Ehsaas programme center.

He said that officer performing duty at the center by force stop him to perform his duty.

He accused that the people at the center did not follow the social distancing in the center.

“I wants to highlight this issue but the official performing duty at the center stopped him from coverage”,he stated.

He accused that the police snatched mobile set from him and the officers pressurize him and also give him threats. 

He argued that these center is become a big source of spreading of corona virus in the district because the people did not follow the social distance. 

He alleged that journalism become difficult task in Mardan district.

He appealed the Prime Minister Imran Khan and the institutions working on freedom of expression to take action in this connection.

Meanwhile while several reports were received in the district that undeserved people were allegedly include in the Chief Minister Relief program list.

The Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has announced 5,000 relief for per deserve family.

Sources added that in this connection deputy commissioner Mohammad Abid Wazir with the alleged connivance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmakers in the district has established a five members committee on union council and village council level for the identification of daily wager and other vulnerable working force for granting relief package who suffered and become unemployed due to the current emergency situation of COVID—19 and resulted lockdown.

The committee included secretary council, school teacher, two elders and members of local Zakat committee. Sources added that in the beginning the Deputy Commissioner nominated the village council secretary for collecting data and distribution of relief packages or assistance at the village council level and they were asked to name 150 poorly deserving households at the village council level, but this troubles the people of PTI.

Sources added that the PTI lawmakers opposed the proposal and gave their approved names to the Deputy Commissioner Mardan for the committees.

Later on deputy commissioner established the five member committee according to the approved named of PTI lawmakers.

Other parties along with PTI workers also started criticizing these committees, however now the reports were received that the committee’s members allegedly include their relatives in the list and also include those people who were died.